Why over 50% of all businesses small and large are OVERCHARGED 
 for their Workers’ Comp premiums… and what you MUST KNOW to ensure you have your lowest Experience Mod and pay the lowest premium possible
COMMON MISTAKES  that drive Experience Mods  50% to 100% HIGHER 
 THAN NEED BEand SIMPLE PROCESSES you can implement to save potentially tens of thousands of dollars each year off your Workers’ Comp insurance cost. 
The 3-Prong Approach to TAKE CONTROL of your Workers’ Comp 
Premium Review Process, LOWER your Experience Mod… and help ensure you never overpay for your Workers’ Comp Insurance. 
Dear Business Owner & Workers’ Comp Decision Maker,

Hi, I’m Kevin Ring, Lead Workers’ Comp Analyst with the Institute Of WorkComp Professionals.

If you know who we are, then you know we are the premier Workers’ Comp training company in the U.S. – known for training agents to secure the LOWEST Mod Factor possible, so their clients pay the LOWEST premium possible.

If you are not familiar with us, suffice it to say the training, systems, and processes we provide have resulted in businesses receiving millions of dollars in premium overpayment refunds, and saved businesses WELL OVER $100 million in the form of PREMIUM OVERPAYMENT that would have been made without the training.

As an expert who has personally done well over 1000 Experience Mod Reviews, and played a role in training agents who have completed thousands of Premium Audits and Experience Mod Reviews, and helped businesses save millions of dollars in the form of LOWER W/C PREMIUMS…
…I assure you, unless the person in your company who handles your Workers’ Comp insurance has gone through our training, or your account is serviced by an agent certified by us as a WorkComp Advisor, odds are sky high you pay MUCH HIGHER W/C premiums than you should.
For example . . .
An outdoor sign company with fewer than 10 employees was paying $18,000 a year in annual premium. On investigation, we discovered the employees had been misclassified into the highest risk rate category.

As a result of identifying and correcting this misclassification, the annual premium dropped from $18,000 a year to $6,000 a year, a $12,000 dollar a year savings or a $36,000 savings over three years.
FULL DISCOLSURE: The training, which you’ll learn more about in a minute, was not available to a business like yours at that time.
But had it been – and had the person who handles Workers’ Comp insurance inside the company taken the training – this egregious misclassification would have never been made. And the sky-high premium overpayment, which like a hole in a bucket had drained cash out of the company for years, would have never been paid even once. 
Not every company saves this much.

Some, save far more, like a speech pathologist group that had misclassified 42 people and was paying a fortune in premiums based on the incorrect classification charging a rate of $2.90.

Applying the strategy and techniques we teach, on review an advisor we trained discovered the misclassification.

Reclassifying the employees to the correct class code lowered the risk rate from $2.90 down to $0.32 – resulting in a refund of over $30,000 - and a reduction in annual premium from approximately $15,000 down to $1513 – a dramatic change to say the least.
Get Training For Up To three (3) Individuals
for only $1,497.99

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You may ask how a misclassification mistake like this can happen.
Here’s your answer in three parts.


Workers’ Comp is complex and confusing. So much so, without training the odds of making mistakes are high. And the odds of not catching mistakes, being penalized, and burning what amounts to a briefcase full of cash by overpaying premium year after year (like the speech pathologist referenced above), are even higher. 


No Internal Expertise
Few businesses have any real in-house expertise regarding Workers’ Comp. It is rare for the person to have more than just surface knowledge of how the system works. As such, the agent’s review is accepted with few if any questions. And premiums are paid based on that review and the resulting Experience Mod.  


Blindly Accepting The Agent’s Conclusions  
Trusting the agent knows the intricate details of how to reach your minimum Experience Modification Factor… and expecting the agent is knowledgeable enough to give expert advice on how to pay the lowest premium possible, both now and in the future, costs businesses hundreds of millions of dollars in Workers’ Comp premium overpayment every single year.  
Facts tell the story... Premium Audit Reports are typically NOT ACCURATE. And Experience Mod Reports are often NOT CORRECT. Why? Because Workers’ Comp Insurance is typically just one of MANY insurance products your agent provides. And the Jack-of-all-trades, is the master of none.
Most agents have minimal training in Workers’ Comp. No deep-dive knowledge of how to classify employees. No knowledge of the MULTIPLE FACTORS that can keep an Experience Mod sky high when it could be much lower. And no functional knowledge of what can be done, even in the event of injury, to keep your Experience Mod as close to the minimum as possible. This is a textbook recipe for premium overpayment!
Workers’ Comp is the only insurance over which you have near total control over costs.

But with limited knowledge of a complex system in a high-stakes environment, you are doomed to do the best you can and hope for the best.

Or you are doomed to blindly follow an agent’s lead, with no knowledge of what questions to ask if your Experience Mod is high - no idea if you are overpaying - and no idea of what may be done to significantly lower your premium. Both are losing strategies.

Please Note: I am not saying your agent is at fault. I am saying most agents sell MULTIPLE insurance products and have no specialized deep-dive training in W/C insurance. Which means ‘the best they can do’ is often NOT ‘the best that can be done’. And YOU get to pay the often-SUBSTANTIAL difference between those two points.
Now you may ask . . .
What can cause errors in a Premium Audit?

What can cause your Experience Mod to be MUCH HIGHER than need be?

Is it really that complicated? What can go wrong?
Causes of errors include…
  • Not knowing your minimum Experience Modification Factor.
  • ​Not knowing how much money you’re wasting by not knowing your minimum Experience Mod and not having processes in place to reach it.
  • ​Misclassifying employees.
  • ​Injured employees off the job too long receiving insurance company money.
  • ​Lower productivity and mistakes when injured employee is off, and others, less experienced, fill in.
  • ​Workflow disruptions when an employee is injured. 
  • ​Poor hiring practices put “injury prone” persons on the payroll. 
  • ​Inadequately trained supervisors.
  • ​Delays in reporting employee injuries.
  • ​Management and employees not understanding Workers’ Comp, such as when injured employees receive the first check when injured, and what you can do about it to swing the odds in your favor.
  • ​Slow response by medical providers, claims adjusters and/or employers when an injury occurs.
  • ​Not being aware of multiple state-to-state differences if your business operates in multiple states.  
With knowledge and the right training, YOU CAN TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR PREMIUM AUDIT and PRACTICALLY DETERMINE YOUR EXPERIENCE MOD. And that may result in a dramatic reduction in your out-of-pocket cost on W/C premiums.

For example…
A grading contractor who employs 42 people with annual revenues of approximately $3 million had been with the same broker for 21 years. The broker had never audited or verified the insured’s Experience Modification Factor and routinely accepted the Mod Worksheet provided by the National Council On Compensation Insurance as accurate and correct.

The company’s Mod was 1.40.

Using the knowledge and evaluation strategy you now have access to, more on that in a minute, an Institute trained advisor audited this company’s current Mod and found numerous errors, including a number of high severity claims still listed on the Experience Mod worksheet as open, even though the claims had been settled for two years and the reserves eliminated.

Correcting the errors and showing those claims as closed, lowered the Experience Mod from 1.40 to 1.23, saving the company $11,050 the first year, with an estimated $33,150 savings over three years, and proving once again, a little knowledge goes a long way!
With MULTIPLE PEOPLE involved – and the possibility any one of them could make an error that would drive up your premium, it’s understandable why errors are so common, and why over half of all businesses overpay W/C premiums because of those errors.

People involved in the W/C system, anyone of whom may make errors that drive up your Experience Mod and burden you with higher premiums, include…
  • Insurance company person who determines proper classifications and pricing.
  • ​Claims adjuster when an employee is injured.
  • ​Medical providers who may not be familiar with the Workers’ Comp system.
  • ​Premium auditors.
  • ​Data Entry clerk.
  • ​Insurance agent and staff.
  • ​State rating bureaus.
  • ​State regulatory bureaus.
  • ​Your team that works with Workers’ Comp.
In summary…
Workers’ Comp is complex.

The regulations are not straightforward. Often confusing. And unintelligible to most with no specialized training, including agents who blindly accept the Experience Mod Worksheet as accurate and just ‘fill in the blanks’ to calculate your Mod Factor and premium.

The result… Because Workers’ Comp is complex and most agents have little if any training beyond how to take information provided by the company and fill in the forms – and because individuals inside a business who set policy, manage employees, compile information and hand things off to an agent have no real knowledge of how W/C works…
…Over 50% of the businesses in the U.S. pay W/C premiums that are MUCH HIGHER than they would pay if a trained individual inside their company managed the process. Premium overpayment is money straight out of your bank account. Money that could go straight to the bottom line - vaporized by a lack of knowledge.

FOR EXAMPLE: After recently being acquired, a major landscape contractor with 120 people and $19 million in annual revenues had an extremely high Experience Mod of 1.39, with annual premiums in excess of $400,000.
Using information now available to you, (more on that coming up), one of our Certified Advisors analyzed this situation and discovered why the Experience Mod was wrong.

The Advisor put together supporting paperwork to prove the 1.39 Experience Mod was wrong. Upon review, the Workers’ Comp Insurance Rating Bureau agreed - and LOWERED the company’s Experience Mod from 1.39 to 1.0 - and REFUNDED $104,000 in premiums. Witness the power of training applied!
To be clear, I’m not talking about the kindergarten kind of training that teaches how to fill out forms and gives you the secret Help Hotline phone number.

I’m talking about training that puts YOU in control of your Workers’ Comp Premium Review. The kind of training that makes YOU more knowledgeable and more capable of doing an ACCURATE Premium Review and determining if your Experience Mod is ACCURATE than ANY agent who has not received comparable training. And few have.

Bottom line…

Drawing on experience from conducting over 1000 Experience Mod reviews, and on the experience of hundreds of agents we’ve trained who have helped THOUSANDS of clients save well north of A HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS off the cost of their W/C premiums, the odds are SKY HIGH the data used to determine your current Experience Mod is sprinkled with errors.
And those errors may cost you a fortune in premiums that are MUCH higher than need be.

If experience proves anything, it proves…

Not taking responsibility for your Workers’ Comp - and handing off the responsibility for managing your Workers’ Comp to an insurance company, is casting your fate to the wind.

It’s dropping information, that may or may not be correct, into a black box that churns and gurgles and spits out a premium number YOU get to pay with absolutely no confidence that the number is not 25% or 50% or 200% HIGHER than it should be.

It’s like closing your eyes, running through the woods, and hoping for the best.

This is a gamble with no upside. A gamble that leaves you exposed to higher than necessary costs that drain profits and hurt the bottom line. This is NOT the kind of thing a savvy business owner would trust to anyone who was not knowledgeable, trained, skilled, aware of the responsibility and committed to doing an excellent job. And doing it right the first time.

And now, that level of training is available to YOU and any key individual(s) – CFO, HR, ACCOUNTING - in your company you trust enough to handle a job that reaches directly into your company bank account.

Introducing the Institute Of WorkComp Professionals first ever deep-dive training for savvy business owners and/or key individuals who handle Workers’ Comp inside the company…
Get Training For Up To three (3) Individuals
for only $1,497.99

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How To Take Control Of The Workers’ Comp Premium Review Process - Earn The Minimum Risk Rating For Your Category & Pay The Lowest Premiums Based On The Lowest Risk Rating
In terms of CASH-ON-CASH RETURN, this may be the most valuable training you ever consume or make available to key individuals in your company.

Locked & Loaded is a comprehensive 7-hour training which you or the key individual(s) you designate, can consume at your own pace anytime online.
The course is broken into three (3) parts:


Mod Mastery

Injury Prevention & Injury Management

Employee Classifications & The Premium Audit Mastery

Mod Mastery

Locked & Loaded


In Experience Mod Mastery - you will discover…
Your Experience Mod is NOT set in stone. It is similar to a Report Card that measures how your business performs compared to other businesses in your category as it relates to employee injuries. And like any Report Card, it can be improved.
You learn the direct relationship between your Experience Mod and the amount of premium you pay.
You learn why anything over a 1.0 Experience Mod is too high, and why the higher your Experience Mod (in certain businesses) the higher the probability people will not do business with you and choose a company with a lower Experience Mod.
You learn how to quantify the exact cost of an injury and not leave that calculation to guess work that may send your Experience Mod skyward and cost you a fortune in higher premiums.
You learn the SPECIFIC DATE that is THE most important day in your Workers’ Comp policy. You’ll learn WHY this date is so important – and why not doing what needs to be done BEFORE this date, virtually guarantees your next Experience Mod will be littered with errors, each of which may result in a higher Experience Mod and higher premiums.
You learn the MANY benefits of getting an employee back to work as soon as possible, which in some states includes getting up to a 70% discount for that injury on your Experience Mod Review.
You learn how to manage your Experience Mod to make sure everything is correct.

You learn EVERYTHING that can be done to mitigate the cost of an employee injury.

You learn the importance of the EFFECTIVE DATE of your Workers’ Comp policy and why changing that effective date could be MODERATELY GOOD or DISASTEROUSLY BAD depending on the situation. This is far too important to leave to guess work.
You will know how to tell if your W/C premium is too high. And you will know the steps to correct your Experience Mod, and how to initiate a premium refund.
You learn why up to 25% of all Experience Mods are littered with errors that NEED TO BE FIXED and may be retroactively fixed up to two years and eligible for a refund.
You learn why virtually ALL Experience Mods are mismanaged, resulting in virtually all businesses paying 10% up to 50% more than they should.

You learn that just having an Experience Mod under 1, may still not the best you can do, and you may have room for a LOT of improvement and a lower premium.
You learn a PROCESS to get the results you deserve and expect, instead of hoping for the best, and blindly accepting the black box rating the insurance company provides.
You receive all the forms, worksheets, tips, guides, and video instruction you need to analyze your Experience Mod, discover errors, make corrections, refile documents, receive a refund and do on. In other words, you get what you need to be in control of a process that has a direct impact on your bottom line.
You receive all the forms, worksheets, tips, guides, and video instruction you need to analyze your Experience Mod, discover errors, make corrections, refile documents, receive a refund and do on. In other words, you get what you need to be in control of a process that has a direct impact on your bottom line.

Injury Prevention & Injury Management

This module is not about creating a safe workplace. We assume you have that covered.  This module is about hiring practices that may dramatically LOWER the risk of a workplace injury BEFORE anyone actually ‘goes to work’.

Locked & Loaded


In this module you will discover…
How to make certain your applicant is capable of doing the work before you hire them.
How to protect yourself from being stuck with the cost of preexisting injuries, a process crafted and approved by attorneys in accordance with government guidelines.
How to train employees on how Workers’ Comp works including what to expect, the goal of the W/C program and more. Most employees have never filed a W/C claim before.
The importance of notifying the insurance company about the injury early, and why doing this eliminates unnecessary inflation in the cost of the injured.
The only 3 reasons an employee should be out of work and why Recovery At Work jobs are important for both your employees and you.
How a Recovery At Work Program will improve your Experience Mod, lower your cost, and help you KEEP GOOD PEOPLE, instead of having to rehire and retrain.
How to determine which doctor is a good fit for your business.
Strategy to ready an employee to return to work, setting the stage for a timely return and no extended off time that will drive your premium to the moon.
How to use telemedicine for triage to prevent ER visits.
How to get an injured person to call an 800 number for triage and NOT go to the ER, which is typically not necessary and is the most expensive.
And a great deal more.

Mod Mastery

With over 500 classifications to choose from in all but two states, classification errors are both common and costly.
Even a small company with as few as eight or ten employees may pay 30% to 70% or more in annual premiums because of classification errors made during their annual premium audit.
Mastering Classifications and Mastering the Premium Audit may result in huge savings off your current premium cost and may land a big overpayment refund check on your desk

Locked & Loaded


In this module you will discover…

Why the agent or the insurance company that assigns the classifications for your business may have NO IDEA if it’s correct.
How the classification system works.
The critical importance of knowing what a job IS and what it IS NOT as it relates specifically to Workers’ Comp classification codes, and why getting the code ‘almost right’ may cost you from $10,000 to over $100,000 a year depending on the size of the business.
How to make certain 100% of your employees are classified correctly, so you never pay more than you should.

Why 75% of all Premium Audits are littered with errors, and how to keep your records so your annual Premium Audit comes out correctly.

Everything you need to know about working with subcontractors, including when, for W/C purposes, they ARE and ARE NOT treated as your employees.
Details on what portion of a subcontractor’s total payment is subject to W/C premium calculation if that subcontractor is treated like an employee for W/C purposes.
What an auditor CAN and CANNOT do in a Premium Audit, like change to a more expensive classification that would drive up your premium. If you know what you’re doing in a Premium Audit, even the WORST auditor MUST do the audit correctly. And that may save you a fortune.

You will learn how to prepare for the Premium Audit BEFORE the auditor arrives, so you know the information is correct and the audit runs smoothly. Not preparing and not doing all your own due diligence, all but guarantees costly mistakes will be made.
Plus you receive all the forms, worksheets, tips, guides, and video instruction you need to classify your employees with PINPOINT ACCURACY and TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR PREMIUM AUDIT, so you know for a FACT you are not being overcharged.
This training puts YOU in charge of what may be one of the highest cost items in your business, your Workers’ Comp Annual Premiums.
Get Training For Up To three (3) Individuals
for only $1,497.99

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This training empowers YOU to take responsibility - and not hand that responsibility over to the often MISTAKE-RIDDLED “FILL IN THE BLANK” BLACK BOX PROCESS agents and insurance companies routinely rely on to determine how big a check you must write to be covered.

Our philosophy is simple.
And when it comes to Workers’ Comp, the ONLY way for you to be in control of your checkbook, is to KNOW HOW THE SYSTEM WORKS – DO YOUR OWN CALCULATIONS and be CERTAIN your job classifications, your Experience Mod and everything else is correct – accurate – verified – and supported, in full, by the regulations.

This training gives you that power.

This training puts YOU in control.
About Your Investment
To Attend the Training
Compared to the value you receive, your investment to attend this training is ridiculously low, only $1497 for up to three (3) individuals in your company.

That’s $4.10 a day over the course of a year or just $1.37 a day each for three people to attend and learn to manage a system that directly impacts your bank account.

Because of classification errors, errors determining the Experience Mod, reporting errors, and DOZENS of other errors explained in detail in this training, over HALF of all businesses overpay their Workers’ Comp premiums.

Don’t be surprised if during the training you discover errors, that when corrected, (as you learn how to do in the course), means you are eligible for a refund of overpaid premium.

And don’t be surprised if – once those errors are corrected - your annual cost drops from as little as a few thousand dollars a year, to as much as ten times that amount.
For More Information & To Register for This Online Training So You Can Begin to Benefit Right Away…
Have any questions or want to register by phone? 
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One More Thing
This Makes the Course Virtually Free
At the risk of making this training seem dramatically underpriced, but because I am sincere in my desire for you to take the training and benefit in all the ways we’ve discussed, I want you to have a FREE BONUS, that is every bit as valuable as the entire training.

At the beginning of this letter, I mentioned that I have personally done over 1000 Experience Mod Reviews and played a role in training agents who have done thousands and helped businesses save millions of dollars.
FOR A LIMITED TIME: Your BONUS for Attending Locked & Loaded is, after attending, I will personally do an Experience Mod Review for your business – and I will guide you or your team members through the process.
So to help ensure you gain MAXIMUM VALUE from this training…
I can’t promise the review will discover errors that will shave 15% to 50% or more off your premium. And I can’t promise I will discover errors that land a big premium overpayment refund check on your desk.

But, I can promise you will get the same quality Experience Mod Review that often runs $1000 or more depending on various factors. I am so confident you will LOVE this training I want you to have not one but…
First, I GUARANTEE the individual(s) who attend my Locked & Loaded training, available anytime time online, will be better qualified to do an accurate Experience Mod review than most agents and virtually all insurance company personnel.
Second, I GUARANTEE that if upon completion of all modules you are not satisfied with the training for any reason, you may ask for and will receive a full refund along with a note of thanks for attending the training.

And third…

I wouldn’t be even a little surprised if a lower premium and/or a refund is the result of you or the key individual(s) who handle Workers’ Comp in your company attending this training.

And that is why, when it comes to Workers’ Comp Insurance, I ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEE that, it is better to be SMART than LUCKY.
For more details or to register…

Sincerely and all the best,

Kevin Ring, MWCA, CWCA
Lead Workers’ Comp Advisor
Institute of WorkComp Professionals
PS – Over the years, our Institute trained, Certified Workers’ Comp Advisors have saved businesses, small and large, HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in the form of lower W/C premiums. And have been responsible for businesses receiving MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN REFUNDS due to mistakes resulting in overpayment.
Specifically, this training empowers you to take control of the Workers’ Comp premium review process, earn the minimum risk rating for your category, and pay the lowest premiums based on the lowest risk ratings.
Get Training For Up To three (3) Individuals
for only $1,497.99

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